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Hello! I am Bob Bunger, aka DrumTimeAZ. I offer the most enjoyable and productive one-on-one lessons in Fountain Hills, Arizona where kids and adults are equally welcome to learn the art of rhythm.
Whether your favorite drummer is Buddy Rich, Taylor Hawkins, John Bonham, Ringo Starr or Tito Puente - I can help you on your drumming journey.
I am an experienced professional percussionist prepared to mentor drummers and percussionists of all levels - from the first day on the kit to advanced drummers with years of experience.
My courses can be provided in English or French.

About Me

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My ethos is enriching life through the joy of learning and playing drums ultimately leading to the drum student's ability to share this joy with others.
I have been teaching drums for over 30 years and studied music at Ball State University in Indiana.
I provide courses using a ddrum acoustic kit and on my state of the art electronic drum kit based on the Roland TD-17 drum module, one of the most advanced electronic drumsets available today. See for yourself online at www.roland.com/V-Drums. I also have a Roland TM-6 drum module that transforms my acoustic kit into a hybrid acoustic and electronic kit if you are interested to learn more about live performing with electronic drum triggers!

Samples of My Drumming

I have included some samples of my drumming by recording a few drum covers. Each of these used a drumless track found on Drumeo - an excellent source of drumming instruction and materials. I recorded my drum playing on top of the drumless track using either my electronic Roland V-drum kit or my acoustic drums. This represents a subset of the styles I can help with, but it gives you an introductory idea.


Sarah Smile

Hall & Oates

This cover is the Hall & Oates song Sarah Smile, originally performed by Ed Greene - "in the pocket" applied to him 100%. I tried to emulate Ed's smooth and relaxed style while staying totally locked into the bass player. Simple rhythms but sophisticated R&B groove. My drum cover was recorded in a single take with Roland V-drums.


All My Life

The Foo Fighters

This cover is by Foo Fighters called All My Life. The late Taylor Hawkins had an unmatched energy when he played. This one made me sweat before getting a decent take :) My drum cover was recorded in a single take with Roland V-drums.


Use Me

Bill Withers

This cover is by Bill Withers. James Gadson was the drummer on the original Bill Withers recording. His credentials extended to artists such as Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, B.B. King and Albert King. That puts him in the category of drumming royalty. Check this out to listen to the original Use Me recording. My drum cover was recorded in a single take with Roland V-drums.

I currently play and tour with The Cassandra Long Band. We perform a wide variety of 70's, 80's and recent pop and country dance tunes. You can also find more examples of my drumming with the band on our band's Facebook and Instagram pages.


I am based in Fountain Hills, Arizona and can provide lessons on-site at my studio or on-line!

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